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Fibre Support Services

We offer a complete set of services all tailored to your Fibre Optic project

  • Fibre optic project management
  • Splicing services
    – Splice and test for clients
  • Testing OTDR
  • OTDR
    – Lease splicing and testing machine (fujikura and exfo) we have partnered with Lambda
  • Shielding

DTP at Work

Dreamfinders Trading & Projects has vast experience in fibre optic and team of experience fibre optic installer. Fibre Optic Cabling forms the basis of backbone cabling bringing the networks between different floor and different buildings.

DTP system is an approach to the last-mile problem of giving residences high speed broadband access to digital services and internet access.

We specialize in fibre optic splicing and testing services and provides these services on-site. We design and deploy extensive fibre-optic networks based on client demands. Our technicians are highly skilled in all aspects of fusion splicing, testing, in-service “hot cuts”, emergency restoration, etc.

Splicing and Floating of Fibre Cable

Fibre Optic Blowing and Duct Integrity Testing

  • Fibre blowing capacity 3.5 – 9mm micro duct cable
  • Duct integrity testing 10mm, 12mm and 14mm
  • Fault finding locating of blockages and damages in damaged ducts.

Fibre Optic Splicing and Testing

  • Splicing: Splicing into current infrastructure or splicing the allocated pairs to the client or site, and labelling and maintenance
  • Fibre optic link testing: Testing between access, switching, aggregation/core nodes to ensure links are operational with minimum losses and maximum bandwidth available. The most technically advanced equipment is used for OTDR traces
  • Field splicing
  • As-Build Documentation includes records and reports of all the actions, findings, implementations and results
  • Quality Assurance according to client, product and international
    standards access Site Build
  • DTP offers the service provider full expert planning and project
  • Management in executing access site builds with full turn key delivery to the client that includes:
    – Way leave applications and site drawings
    – Site Survey
    – Planning
    – Costing
    – Civil Solutions and implementation
    – Full optic fibre delivery supply and install and final testing
    – Acceptance Certification civil as well as Fibre Project Management
  • Inside and outside plant
    – Quality Assurance
  • All work on these access build are done with professionals within DTP
  • Optic Fibre Solutions and not sub contractors. All projects executed with in-house equipment and technicians.